Specialty Tools for Oil Painting

Brushes listed in bright white text below are currently available.

Simply send an email to and list the brushes you want along with your mailing address. We'll send you an invoice. Your order will ship out within five business days of payment. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process orders.

Check back periodically for updates to the brush lineup.

Pictures will be posted soon after new shipments arrive.

Fine Chungking Bristle

Chungking Bristles have long deep flags, which allow them to hold more paint than standard hog bristle and offer additional grain and texture to your brush marks. The interlocked construction provides stability and consistency of stroke. These brushes are perfect for laying down the initial layers of your paintings and can also be used effectively for Alla Prima techniques. Chungking is widely considered to be the best bristle for fine oil painting.

#2 Filbert - $9.50

#3 Filbert - Coming soon

#4 Filbert - Coming soon

#6 Filbert - Coming soon

#4 Flat - Coming Soon

#8 Flat - Coming Soon

1/8" Dagger - Coming Soon

1/4" Dagger - Coming soon

3/8" Dagger - Coming Soon

1/2" Dagger - Coming Soon

3/4" Dagger - Coming Soon

1" Dagger - Coming soon

Mongolian Sable

Mongolian Sable is natural, multi-toned hair exhibiting the strength, durability, and feel of Mongoose. It has a luscious spring and snap. It is soft, yet firm enough to allow precise blending and overall control of tones. These brushes are ideal for working paint into wet paint (wet-on-wet) and applying detail. They are also easy to clean and maintain. 

#0 Round - Coming Soon

#2 Round - Coming Soon

#4 Round - $12.50

#4 Filbert - Coming Soon

#6 Filbert - Coming Soon

#8 Filbert - Coming Soon

1/4" Flat - Coming Soon

1/2" Flat - Coming Soon

3/4" Flat - Coming Soon


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