Adventures in Oil Painting Seminar/Workshop - Grisaille

8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Online only

Registration: $115 per person - covers tuition for all three class sessions and week-long support via Discord.

This class explores oil painting in a style known as Grisaille, which is a study of values in black and white. Class topics include material handling, painting practices, and development of a skill set that can be translated to any style of painting beyond the class. If you are looking to begin your oil painting journey, this class is a perfect solution. I've designed it around a practical step-by-step learning method for traditional painting techniques. The grisaille course is a prerequisite for my other two seminars, which include learning to mix colors and painting in full color.

Class sessions are held via video conference through Discord or Zoom.

A word on supplies:

Supplies are not included in the registration fee. However, all of my classes and workshops use the same basic supply list, so if you have taken a class with me previously, you will have just about everything you need already.

*Certain classes do require different colors, canvas sizes, etc...

*Supply lists are available upon registration.

For class information, questions, or to register, please contact me at:



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